Web Accessibility Standards Checklist

Web design standards checklist

Quite simply, a site built to web standards should ideally be lean, clean, CSS-based, accessible, usable and search engine friendly.
This is not an uber-checklist. There are likely many items that may be added. Moreover, it must not be viewed as a list of items that must be addressed on every site that you develop. It’s only a guide that can be used:

* to show the breadth of web standards
* as a helpful tool for developers during the production phase of websites
* as an aid for developers who have an interest in moving towards web standards

The checklist

1.Quality of code

1. Does the website use a correct Doctype?
2.Does the site use ids or unneeded classes?
3.Does the site have any links that are broken?
4.How can the site perform in terms of speed/page size?
5.Does the website have JavaScript errors?
6. Amount of separation between presentation and content
7. Availability for users
8. Are “alt” attributes used for all descriptive images?
9. Does the website use menus that are visible jump?
10. Does the site use forms that are accessible?

2. Does the site function in text browsers such as for instance Lynx?

1.Does the website function nicely in Hand Held devices?
2. Does the site include detailed metadata?
3. Does the site function well in a range of browser window sizes?

1. Fundamental Usability
2.Can there be a clear visual hierarchy?
3. Are degrees that are heading easy to recognize?
4. Does the website have easy to comprehend navigation?
5. Does the site use consistent navigation?
6.Does the site use language that is appropriate and consistent?
7. Have you got contact page and a sitemap page? Are they easy to find?
8. For large sites, is there a search?
9.Will there be a link to the house page on every page in the website?
10. Are visited links clearly defined with an unique colour?

4. Site direction

1. Does the site have a helpful and meaningful 404 error page that functions from any depth in the site?
2. Is there adequate colour brightness/contrasts?
3.Is colour used for critical info?
4. Are all links illustrative (for blind users)?
5. Accessibility for apparatus
6. Does the website work across older browsers and modern?
7. Does the site use friendly URLs?
8. Does the site have a favicon?

1.1 Does the website use a right Doctype?

Tool: http://www.w3.org/QA/2002/04/valid-dtd-list.html

1.2 Does the website use a Character set?

a browser) is unable to find the character encoding used in a Web document, the user may be presented with unreadable text. This information is especially important for those keeping and extending a multilingual website, but declaring the character encoding of the document is essential for anyone producing XHTML/HTML or CSS.

Tool: http://www.w3.org/International/tutorials/tutorial-char-enc/
Tool: http://www.w3.org/International/O-charset.html

Valid code will render better than invalid code. Browsers are getting to be more standards compliant, and it’s also becoming necessary to write valid and standards compliant.


1.4 Does the site use Valid CSS?

You have to make sure there are not any errors in your CSS or your HTML, since mistakes in either location can result in document appearance that is botched.
Tool: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

1.5 Does the website use any CSS hacks?

Basically, hacks come down to personal choice, the quantity of knowledge you have the specific design you’re attempting to achieve, of workarounds.

1.6 Does the website use unnecessary classes or ids?

I have found that developers learning new skills frequently end up with great CSS but inferior XHTML. Specifically, the HTML code is often filled with unneeded divs and ids. This results in style sheets that are bloated and fairly meaningless HTML.

1.7 Is it built on Semantic markup?

Semantically right markup uses html components for their specified function.

Tool :http://www.w3.org/2003/12/semantic-extractor.html

1.8 Does the website have any broken ? that are links

Users gets frustrated and possibly leave your site away if the link doesn’t work. Also, broken links can also keep search engines from properly indexing your site.

Tool: http://validator.w3.org/checklink

1.9 How does the website perform in terms of speed/page size?

Don’t make me wait… That is the message we are given by users in survey after survey. Broadband users can suffer the slow-loading blues.

Tool – https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

1.10 Does the website have JavaScript errors?

Internet Research for Windows lets you turn on a debugger that allow you to understand there are javascript errors in your website and will pop up a fresh window.

2. Amount of separation between display and content

Tool – http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/wai-pageauth.html#tech-style-sheets

The purpose for web developers would be to remove all display errors in the html code, leaving it correct and clean.

Try this easy test. Look in a browser that supports simple increments of font size at your web site. Now raise the font size of your browser. And again. And again, Look at your website. Does the page layout holds good? It’s not safe for programmers to presume that everybody browses using default font sizes.

3.4 Does the website use observable jump menus?

Refer – http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10-TECHS/#tech-group-links

Forms are not the simplest of things to use for individuals with handicaps.



3.7 Is there adequate colour brightness/contrasts?

Refer – http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/wai-pageauth.html#tech-colour-contrast

3.8 Is colour alone for vital ? that is info

Ensure that information conveyed with colour can also be available without colour, for example.

Refer – http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/wai-pageauth.html#tech-colour-convey

3.10 Are all illustrative?

Link text should be significant enough to make sense when read – either by itself or included in a sequence of links. Link text also needs to be terse.

Refer – http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/wai-pageauth.html#tech-meaningful-links

4. Availability for apparatus.

4.1 Does the website work acceptably across modern & old browsers?

Before beginning to construct a CSS-based layout, you should determine to what degree you mean to support them and which browsers to support.

Your website may be visited by a number of people with a browser that doesn’t support CSS or a browser with CSS. In content is structured nicely, this is not going to be a problem.

A number of people browse sites with images switched off – particularly individuals on slow connections. Content still ought to be reachable for these individuals.

4.4 Does the website work in text only browser?

That is like a mix of CSS and pictures switched off. A text-based browser (lynx) will rely on content that was nicely organized to supply significance.

It’s possible for you to take any (X)HTML doc and just fashion it for print, without needing to reach the markup.

This really is a difficult one to cope with until hand held apparatus support their media type that is right. Nevertheless, some layouts function better in present handheld apparatus.

4.7 Does the website contain comprehensive metadata?

Refer – http://www.w3.org/Metadata/

Metadata is structured information which is created especially to describe another resource.

4.8 Does the website work well in a variety of browser window sizes?

It’s a typical assumption amongst programmers that typical display sizes are raising. Some programmers presume the typical screen size is 1024px wide. But what about users with users and smaller screens with hand held devices?

5. Fundamental Usability

5.2 Are heading degrees simple to recognize?

Refer – http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG10/wai-pageauth.html#tech-logical-headings

5.3 Is the the simple of website’s to comprehend?

5.4 Is the the consistent of website’s?
Visitors will find it simpler to browse between pages and locate tips if each page on your own website has a consistent style of presentation

5.5 Does the website use consistent language?

The utilization of simple and clear language promotes effective communication. Attempting to run into as articulate can not be easy to read as grammar that is badly written, particularly when the language used is not the visitor’s primary language.

5.6 Does the website have a page? contact sitemap page and Are they easy to locate?

Most site maps don’t convey multiple levels of the information architecture of the website.

5.7 For big websites, is there a search program?
Some folks is not going to use them, and while search tools will not be wanted on smaller websites, site-specific search tools let users a choice of navigation choices.

5.8 Is there a link to every page in the website?
Users like to return to the home page of a website after browsing to content within a website. So have a better navigation structure to Homepage

5.10 Are seen links clearly
Most significant, understanding which pages they have already seen frees users.

6. Website direction

You have requested a page – by typing an URL into the address bar or clicking on an out of date link and you have found yourself at the center of cyberspace nowhere.

6.2 Does the website use friendly URLs?

Among the worst components of the net from an user interface point of view is the URL. Yet, if they are not long, rational, and self-correcting, URLs can be useable

In case a user gets no website and types your domain name with no www, this could disadvantage both you and the user.

6.4 Does the website have a favicon?

Favicons are undoubtedly not essential. But if they aren’t present, they are able to cause 404 errors in your logs (website data). A 404 error may be created if a favicon is not accessible.


What is Anonymity of Proxy Server?

What is Anonymity of a Proxy

A client sends a request (what files he wants) and a server sends a response (mandatory files). These records can be crucial for the server so that you can understand which webpage should be given (open) to the client. There are distinct versions of web pages for different arrangements of browsers. Nevertheless, provided that web pages don’t generally rely on browsers, it’s wise to conceal these details from your web server.

What your browser transmits to your webserver:

a name and a variant of an operating system
a name and a variant of a browser
IP address of a client
Other info

The most significant part of such advice (and totally useless for a web server) is advice about IP address. Using your IP it’s not impossible to understand the following:

a state where you’re from
a city
your supplier’s name and email
your real address

Info transmitted by a client to your server is available (reachable) for a server as environment variables. Every advice unit is a value of some variant.

REMOTE_ADDR ? IP address of a customer

HTTP_VIA ? Then a proxy can be used if it’s full.

HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR ? Then a proxy can be used if it’s full. Value is a genuine IP address of a customer (your IP), this variant can also be added by a proxy server if you use one.

HTTP_TAKE_LANGUAGE ? what language can be used in browser (what language a page should be shown in)

HTTP_USER_REPRESENTATIVE ? so called “an user?s representative”. This is Mozilla.

HTTP_HOST ? is a webserver name

This can be a little part of environment variables. Actually there are considerably more of them (DOC_ROOT, HTTP_TAKE_ENCODING, HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL, HTTP_CONNECTION, SERVER_ADDR, SERVER_SOFTWARE, SERVER_PROTOCOL, …). Their amount can be determined by settings of a client and a server.

These are instances of values that are varying:

HTTP_USER_AGENT = Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98)
HTTP_HOST = www.webserver.ru
HTTP_VIA = (Squid/2.4.STABLE7)
Anonymity on the job in Internet is based on what environment variables “hide” from a webserver.

In case a proxy server just isn’t used, then environment variables appear in the next manner:

HTTP_VIA = not ascertained
HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = not ascertained

Clear Proxies

They don’t conceal details about your IP address:


The function of proxy servers that are such just isn’t the progress of your anonymity in Internet. Their goal is organization of combined use of Internet of several computers, advice cashing, etc.

Anonymous Proxies

All proxy servers, that conceal a client’s IP address in any manner are called anonymous proxies

Straightforward Anonymous Proxies

These proxy servers tend not to conceal a fact that the proxy can be used, however they replace your IP

These proxies are the most spread among other anonymous proxy servers.

Distorting Proxies

Together with straightforward anonymous proxy servers these proxies don’t conceal the fact a proxy server can be used.

HTTP_X FOR = arbitrary IP address _FORWARDED_
These proxy servers can also be called “high anonymity proxy”. In contrast to other kinds of anonymity proxy servers they conceal a fact of using a proxy:

HTTP_VIA = not ascertained
HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = not ascertained

Depending functions there are anonymity and clear proxies. Yet, recall, using proxy servers you conceal just your IP from a web server, but other info (about browser settings) is accessible!


Free Security Enhancements For Your PC

Here are some of the Simple Security Measures for Your PC

1. Check Windows Update and Office Update frequently (_http://office.microsoft.com/productupdates); have your Office CD ready. Windows allows users can configure automatic updates. Click on the Automatic Updates tab in the System control panel and pick the options that are proper.

2. Keep a watch on the cookies entering your system. Don’t permit any unknown sites writing cookie information. SpyBot can be in hunting outside tracking cookies paranoid and callous.

3. Block pop up spam messages in Windows by disabling the Windows Messenger service (this is unrelated to the instant messaging program). Open Control Panel Administrative Programs | You’ll and services see Messenger. Right-click and go to Properties. Establish Start-up Type the Stop button. Bye-bye, spam pop ups! Any good firewall will also stop them.

4. If you have a wireless network, turn on the security attributes: Use MAC filtering, turn off SSID broadcast, as well as use WEP with the largest key you are able to get. Check out our wireless section for more or see the increased coverage in our next problem in Your Unwired World.

5. Join a commendable e-mail security list, so that you learn about emerging risks quickly and can take appropriate precautions.

6. Be distrustful of stuff online. Do not assume that e mail “From:” a particular person is actually from that man until you have further reason to believe it is that individual. Don’t suppose that an attachment is what it says it’s. Do not give out your password to anyone, even if that person claims to be from “support.”

7. Use strong passwords and change them occasionally. Passwords should have at least seven characters; use letters and numbers and have at least one symbol. This will help it become much harder for anyone to obtain access to your accounts.

8. If you’re using Outlook Express or Outlook, use the current version or one with the Outlook Security Update. Present variations and the update patch vulnerabilities that are numerous.

10. Purchase antivirus software and make sure that it stays up to date. If you’re not willing to pay, most of the providers offers an evaluation copy which you can test it and pay only when you are completely satisfied with its performance.

Operating Systems

Why Does My Computer Crashes Suddenly?

Why Does my PC Crashes all of a Sudden?

If you have seen this at your screen – Fatal error: the system is becoming unstable or is occupied,” it says. Should you do this you may lose any unsaved information in all open programs.” The Blue Screen of Death has only struck you. So, how do you prevent it occurring?

Hardware Issue

The number one reason is a hardware problem. Each hardware device conveys to other apparatus through an interrupt request channel (IRQ). These are assumed to be unique for each apparatus.

As an example, a printer normally links on IRQ 7. The computer keyboard normally uses the floppy disk and IRQ 1 drive IRQ 6. Each apparatus will attempt to hog a single IRQ for itself.

If they’re not installed correctly, or if you can find lots of apparatus, two of them may find yourself sharing the same IRQ number. A crash can occur when an individual attempts to use both devices at once.

Frequently if your device has a difficulty, an yellow ‘!’ icon sappears in the Device Manager next to its description. Two devices may use it, if the IRQ number appears twice.

This can be blown off. Reinstall it and the method to repair this issue would be to remove the difficulty device.

Occasionally you may need to update more recent drivers to make the device function correctly. If the unit is a soundcard, or a modem, it could be repaired by transferring it to another slot on the motherboard (be cautious about opening your computer, because you may invalidate the guarantee).

The issue with IRQ amounts isn’t of its making, to be honest to Mcft. It’s a legacy issue going back to the first PC layouts using the IBM 8086 processor. There were just eight IRQs. There are 16 IRQs in a PC now. It’s not difficult to run out of them. You will find strategies to raise the amount of IRQs.

Poor RAM

A fatal error indicates a hardware issue that is serious. Occasionally it may mean a component is damaged and will needs a replacement.Also a mismatch of processors might causes a fatal error due to Ram.

Raise the wait state of the Ram and one way around this difficulty would be to enter the BIOS settings. This can allow it to be more secure. Another means to troubleshoot a suspected Ram issue will be to rearrange the Ram chips or take out some of them. Then make an effort to replicate the conditions that caused the crash. Attempt to not touch the gold connections, as they are easily damaged when managing Ram.

Ram is additionally referred to by parity Bit error messages. Modern Ram processors are either parity bit (ECC) or non parity bit (non-ECC). As this could be a reason for trouble, it’s best to not combine both kinds.

Memory issues are referred to by eMM386 error messages but may not be linked to Ram that is poor. This may be due to free memory issues frequently linked to old Dos-established programmes.

Mother Board – Every motherboard is provided with a variety of chipset settings which can be determined in the factory. A common manner to get these settings will be to press the delete or F2 button during the first few seconds of a bootup. Great care should be taken here, It’s wise to write down all the settings that appear on the display. In that way if you change the computer and something becomes less stable, you’ll understand what settings to revert to.

The CAS latency concerns. The Ram is referred to by this. Establishing the amount that is incorrect can induce the Ram to lock up and freeze the screen of the computer. Mcft Windows is better at allocating IRQ amounts than any BIOS. If possible set the IRQ numbers in the BIOS to Auto. After several weeks, the info on a hard disk drive begins to become fragmented or piecemeal. It’s advisable to defragment the hard disk each week approximately, to prevent the disc from causing a display halt. You’ll be unable to write information to the hard drive (to save it) while the disc is defragmenting, therefore it is advisable to schedule the process for an interval of inactivity using the Task Scheduler.

Display freezes and some lockups due to hard disk issues can be solved by reducing the read-ahead optimization. By going to this can be fixed

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System Icon-Operation-File System-Hard Disk.

Hard disks crash if they may be overly full and will slow down. Do some housekeeping on your own hard drive every month or two and free some space. Open the Windows folder and discover the Temporary Internet Files folder. Empty the Recycle Bin weekly to free more space. Hard disk drives should be scanned for bad sectors or errors. Do this when the computer just isn’t in use the Task Scheduler to perform this operation at nighttime.

Critical OE exceptions and VXD errors

VXD errors and disastrous OE exception malfunctions in many cases are due to video card issues. By reducing the resolution of the video screen these could be solved easily. Here the display area bar should slide . Take a gander . For most backgrounds, high colour 16-bit depth is not inadequate. If the display freezes or system lockups are experienced by you it might be as a result of video card. Be sure it doesn’t have a hardware conflict.
Here, choose the beside Display Adapter. A line of text should seem. Then select Resources and pick each line in the window. Try to find a message that says No Conflicts.


If the CPU gets old or if the fan fails it may begin to overheat and create an unique type of error. This can be a typical issue in processors which were overclocked to work at speeds that are higher than they should. One fix would be to get a better fan that is larger and install it along with the CPU. Try to get Specialist cooling fans/heatsinks to fix the problem. CPU issues could be repaired by disabling the CPU internal cache in the BIOS.

Power supply issues

A computer can crash if there a power interruption. If this is becoming a hassle for you then consider purchasing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This provides you with a clean power supply when there’s electricity, and it is going to give you a short while to perform a controlled shutdown in the event of a power reduction.

It’s a great investment because a power reduction will cause any unsaved information to be lost if your information are essential.

Operating Systems

How to jazz up the keyboard of your Android phone!

Whoever thought that they would like to change the keyboard of their smart phone? You are very happy with what you have in your phone? Or are you still struggling to learn how to use the already installed keyboard that throws up a suggested word the moment you type anything? Whichever is the scenario you can always change your keyboard style.

There is a diverse collection of keyboards out there and the default keyboard in your Samsung, Google or HTC phone may not be the most useful, productive or even pretty looking. The kind of keyboard you select will depend on the kind of requirement you have. Do you want a keyboard that will have less keys or one with more keys and options? How should they be arranged – in a straight line or at the bottom of the screen? The options are endless. It depends on all that you want.

How to go about it?

If you are using an Android phone, especially a Samsung gadget then your phone is already pre-installed with the standard keyboard. You will also find the Swype variety where you can drag the alphabets on the screen to create different words.

Rainbow keyboard:

If you want a dash of color to your keyboard then opt for the day-glo neon rainbow keyboard. You can change the keyboard style by going to the settings – personal – language and then input. Under input you will all the different types of keyboards installed on your phone. Once you select the type of keyboard you like tap on the default mode and set the preferred style and voila you are all set.

Language and input:

Now this is fun. Once you select the keyboard style you can also changer the language – the script in which you would like to type. You can also change the theme as well as switch on the auto correct as per your choice.

Keyboard settings:

Most of the keyboard styles have a variety of options that you can use to change and add jazz to your preferred style.

Keep in mind that you have changed your keyboard style whenever you go to your text box, your default keyboard will come up first. You need to switch to the selected keyboard by opening the notification bar menu.

What are the other options out there?

In case you are not satisfied with what you have in your phone you can always check up the Google Play store to find the one that you like the best. Swiftkey and Swype are popular choice. There are many other colorful options out there as well. KeyZag Keyboard is quite an interesting option as it allows you to type in a zig-zag manner which looks quite cool. MessagEase Keyboard is another interesting version there are only 9 keys; while the Minuum Keyboard, which takes very little space.

If you thought only apps could add jazz to your smart phone then think again. Your keyboard is no less and can jazz up any phone in a stylish way.


Control TV and DTH with your Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung finds the latest use of IR blaster port. Though, it is an old technology but Samsung use it in a new form. WatchOn app helps you control DTH set top box and LCD TV through Samsung mobile. Isn’t it great? You can move to Samsung Store and easily download the application in your Galaxy S5. The application will give you idea which brands it support and the DTH providers.

You can follow the following guide on to setup this app on Galaxy S5.

  • Open your application
  • Select your country
  • Select the brand of your TV
  • The application will ask to keep your Galaxy S5 in front of the television
  • Tap the button on the application
  • Then power up your television
  • Change the input
  • If it showing successful, then your TV brand supports it

For DTH support, the process is same. Once it is completed, you can use the phone to control the features of your television. It will give a sheer happiness to enjoy your TV and phone at the same time.

Yes, it also supports DVD and disc player. You can save the profile if you two televisions. In the name of Rooms, you can save the devices. With this app, it has freedom to control all the features of TV. It is a unique feature of the phone which makes life simpler. Samsung Galaxy S5 comes up with many features which are incredible. It helps you greatly to have maximum advantage from this phone.

This latest phone is incredible in terms of advanced technology. Samsung hit the market with Android OS. Hence, many customers are using this phone for additional benefits. Are you thinking to change your phone? Then, you can choose Samsung Galaxy S5 for better and effective result.

The online shopping is not a bad idea. To enjoy the above features of the phone, you can purchase the phone. It will give you maximum benefit and save time and money. All you need is to enjoy a happy shopping sitting in your home. It is the best way to get an easy delivery at your home. You should research the website and make a good purchase. Not all websites are safe. Hence, it is your duty to purchase the phone from a reliable store. Check the payment mode before you make any decision on the purchase. So, there will no loss and you can use the features flawlessly.


Interesting android gaming apps for your smart phone!

“Online games” – the word brings a smile across the face of any game lover. Over the years different games have been launched that are high on technology and finish. There was a time when playing online games meant video games of cars racing against each other and the ever popular Pacman. But at present there are so many different types and varieties of game that one is sure to be spoilt for choices.

Another important technological invention is the smart phone which has literally redefined the way we function. Besides making calls and sending texts, we can use this gadget to perform a variety of different things. Playing games in them is one of the different facilities. And there are loads of android apps to choose from that you can easily install in your android phones. The latest trend is to play games on your smart phone rather than on your PC or gaming console. Following are some of the popular android apps that you can install in your phone so that you can satisfy that gaming streak in you.

  • Machinima: If you are thinking to install games in your phone then there is no other alternative to Machinima. This network offers a diverse range of games and issues related to games that can easily keep you engaged for several hours. You can easily access all the contents published by the company from their apps and you can easily share them with your friends.
  • IGN Entertainment: this one too is popular amongst the gamers. One will get different types of reviews, news, and walkthroughs and even cheats so that you can easily download different games. The android app also has a calendar which will provide the user with a list of upcoming releases so that you know well in advance when the lasted games are going to get launched and so on.
  • Google Play Games: no list can be complete without mentioning them. And with android becoming the biggest mobile platform for gaming, Google apps simply adds on to its feasibility. This app will give you a complete overall look of the different games that you have played so far. On the basis of the type of games you play, this app will give you interesting suggestions so that you can check them out and also inform your friends about them. This is a must have for any android game lover.
  • PlayStation: a must have for any play station lovers, this app allow you to check out the diverse range of play station games. In fact through your profile in the play station you can easily keep a tab on your gaming achievements. Check out what’s the latest through the catalogue of PlayStation and PS Vita games.
  • Steam: they have launched an app for the smart phones which works exactly like the steam application for PC or your gaming consoles. You can not only purchase the different games but can also check out the different sales and discounts available.